Her scream echoed throughout the emptiness,

His thunderous stomping followed closely.

But I stayed silent, unblinking, unbreathing.

I watched, as his massive figure moved towards me.

She glided quickly behind him;

Just like always.

She tugged at his filthy sweatshirt,

Begging him to stop;

Screaming that she was sorry,

That she wouldn’t do it again.

She pushed his buttons,

So he pushed her across the room.

Her screaming turned into loud sobs.

It broke my heart that she had to watch,

She usually just cleaned up the aftermath.

I hated him.

We both do.

But he was so close now,

His breath caressed my skin.

His warm hands gripped my chin,

Clenching it hard, as if he was trying to break me.

But it wasn’t about me.

He wanted to punish her.

I closed my eyes as he shoved my head forward.

I wanted to cry,

But I couldn’t do that yet.

His hands were around my throat now,

Forcing me to stare at him.

I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t look away.

I heard the girl erupt into a loud sob again as she was huddled in the corner.

But I still didn’t cry.

I wasn’t weak.

His eyes squinted,

As a sickening smirk crept over his lips.

In a flash, my head collided with the wall.

The girl stopped crying.

The silence pierced the room again.

Was I broken?

I felt like he had finally cracked me.

But the boy walked over from across the room,

His smile still smeared on.

I wanted to cry out for help

But who would hear me?

The girl?

She was still watching in awe as the boy did this to me.

How could she let him do this to me?


How could he do this to me?

I was already broken

What more did he want.

The boy screamed at the girl as he began to rip my hair out.

He screamed as he bashed my head into the wall again.

And again.

And again.

He screamed as he threw me down and stomped on me.

He screamed,

And he screamed,

And he screamed.

And then suddenly he stopped.

He looked at me,

On the ground, broken.

He looked at me, and sighed.

But when I looked at him,

All I saw was tiredness.

He went over to the girl,

And put his warm hands around her chin.

But he didn’t squeeze.

He just sighed, and muttered an apology.

He left the room and the door gently closed behind him;

The girl brushed the tears away from her eyes and walked over towards me,

still broken on the floor.

She softly sniffed and scuffled her feet as she walked,

her glide was gone.

She was so weak.

Gently, she picked me up,

Brushed back the hair I still had,

And placed me back on the shelf with her other dolls.

My smile was forced on my face,

But I wanted to cry.

I wanted to scream.

I wanted to fall and just break.

He broke me.

But not enough.

Because here I was.

Still sitting out in the open

A perfect victim for him.

A victim again and again.


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