I went on a date last night.

It’s officially been 2 weeks since my ex and I broke up, but since we were on a break, I’m counting it as a month. 

It doesn’t seem like a month. It feels longer and shorter at the same time. But I’m not about to waste my summer when I could be having fun. 

So I went on a date. 

I re downloaded tinder and started swiping right. And I swiped right to this guy wearing this dolphin sweatshirt. So I messaged, which for the record, I never do. But I messages first and I was like “I like your sweatshirt” and we started messaging back and forth, joking about him letting me wear the sweatshirt, but also talking about our hobbies and favorite TV shows and so and so. 

I joked to my friend that he was my soul mate. 

Did I mention he’s really hot and 6’4″

Anyways, we started texting and snap chatting. Our conversations were goofy, and neither one of us responded super quickly to each other. 

We decided to hang out. We spent a week talking about our date and what we would do. We decided dinner, movie, and hook up in the car (depending on how the night was going) 

So we meet at chipotle near me, and he’s even cuter in person. Like oh my God. And he’s the perfect height. 

So he walks towards me, and me, being my super awkward self, said “I don’t know what to do, my giving you a hug seems right” he laughed, either with pity or maybe he found it cute. 

So we went into the restaurant and had some great conversation. I loved the way he looked at me. When I told him a coded his eyes seemed to have pierced my soul. Ugh. 

I found out he gets I’m trouble with the cops from time to time, and does drugs sometimes. But it didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I found it endearing. He has piercings and tattoos and just had that bad boy vibe to him. Like Clark Kent on redKryptonite. Plus he as actually remembered kal-el with his long brown hair, tall muscular stature, piercing blue eyes, and black rimmed glasses. Again, ugh. 

My friend saw us at chipotle, and commented on my outfit. I want to talk to her soon and see what she athought about him. 

When we left  chipotle, we took my car to drive to the theater, as I was about to pull out of the parking lot he’s like “ya, I have the sweatshirt in my car” and I’m like wait really? Can we get it. So we literally turned around to grab the sweatshirt. 

We ended up taking so much that we missed our movie, so we ended up seeing the mummy 30 minutes later. We were in the front row, and sat down during the weird tv commercials. He handed my his sweatshirt, and when I put it on, it smelt like his Cologne and firewood. I snuggled up on his  shoulder, and we laughed and talked, kissed, and held hands during the whole movie. 

Towards the end of the movie, he would run his hands up and down my legs so gently it would give me chills. 

He simultaneously made fun of me and made me feel on top of the world. 

After the movie, we walked around the mall, stopping at a bench on the roof top to stargaze and kiss. 

We walked around more, and held hands and talked. There was a moment when we faked arm wrestled and he suddenly grabbed me to him and kissed me. It was one of the hottest things ever let me tell you. 

We ended up going to UDF to get him a milkshake, while in line he wrapped his hands around my waist and snuggled his head on my shoulder. 

He drank his milkshake in the car, and we fiddled around with my blue tooth. He connected his phone to my car, which he says is am excuse to come see me again (plus the fact that i was wearing his sweatshirt). 

We madeout some more, and decided to drive around. It was like 11:30 at this point. He made a few sly comments about being horny, so I started rubbing his dick over his pants.

You should have seen him. The man was acting like I was torturing him. Which I was.

We drove around some more, trying to find a place where we could hook up. Somewhere along that adventure he took off his pants, so I was giving him a hand job while driving. Very dangerous. 

We passed by a parking lot and he joked about hooking up in the trees. And I was like well have you hooked up in the woods before? We both said no, and both decided that’s what we’ll do. Hook up in the forest. All of the parks close at night, so trying to find somewhere to do it was more difficult than I thought. 

We parked, and I started getting second thoughts. Not with hooking up with him. Just doing it in the woods. I needed to calm my nerves so I started giving him a blow job in the car, and told him to keep look out. I really doubt he kept lookout, but he said he was, which is all that matters I suppose. After our confidence and hornyness increased we decided to go for it. I had a bag of condoms in my glove box, and told him to pick his poison.

We grabbed a blanket I had in the back, two condoms, and started walking towards the trails. 

It was so dark that we had to use his phone flashlight (which was very unnerving). 

We found a place in a field surrounded by trees and placed the blanket down. Midway through he had to take his glasses off because they were fogging too much. The sweatshirt was our pillow, but when we were done we both had twigs and dirt in our hair. We got scared to still be in the woods, so we hurried back to my car to make out some more. 

On our way back to his car, I made him go through my hair to get all of the leaves out. 

We got back to chipotle where his car was parked, and we stayed there another hour and a half. We talked, made out, played with each other’s hair, gave each other back rubs, and watched funny videos. He took off his shirt to show me his tattoo, and of course right as he does that another car pulls into the parking lot. It was one in the morning so we aren’t sure why they were there either. 

Before he left, I said I was going to keep the sweatshirt so he would have a reason to hang out with me again, he said he wouldn’t need a reason he would just hang out with me. But he said I could borrow the sweatshirt. 

I wore the sweatshirt that night and the next day as my sort of prize. No guy has ever given me a sweatshirt before, especially not one this cute. 

It smells less like him now, but sometimes I’ll get a whiff of his musk. 

It’s been almost 24 since we hung out, and I honestly can’t wait to see him again. He told me he would be busy today,so he hasn’t really texted me a lot. But im keeping my hopes up.

Besides, he has to get his sweatshirt back 


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