Loving lust

Have you ever looked at someone one day and realized you’re in love with them? 

I never thought it was possible, and I certainly don’t believe in love at first sight. But after a tragic chain of events happened in my life, he was always there. 

He knew the right balance to push me further and pull me closer to him. 

He inspired me to follow my passions, even as crazy as they seem. And not only inspires  me, but actually helps me get on my feet when starting a new venture. 

He’s my shoulder to cry on, but also my shoulder to playfully punch from time to time. 

He challenges me to think about the world  differently, and calls me out on things I need to be called out on. 

Funny enough, we really like the name Zeus. 

And it’s not like I wasn’t attracted to him before, I was, it was just in that moment I wanted to be with him. 

I wanted him to come over, and just sit on the couch for hours and comfort me.

I wanted him to play with my hair and kiss me on the forehead.

My friends say he gives me a look. The kind of look every girl wants. 

And I missed my chance 

I was foolish 

And didn’t grasp him 

Because he’s taken by someone else now 

While I just took him for granted 


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